Definition of the important field Alias in the page properties of a TYPO3 page.

The alias is a field in the page properties of a page. It can be used to assign a descriptive name to the address (URL) of a page.

By default, TYPO3 generates URLs of the form /index.php?id=42. The number (here: 42) is the unique ID of a page. If you set the alias of this page to e.g. the name "products", the URL changes to /index.php?id=products.

If the simulate static feature is activated in the configuration, URLs like /products.html can be created on the fly. Using the more powerful realurl extension, URLs like /products/offers/ are possible.

Both "simulate static" and the "realurl" extension can be configured so that the page title will automatically be used as the alias. This comes in handy if you want the title of a press release or a product name to appear in the URL. These names can be very long; if you need to have shorter URLs, the alias field is want you want to use.

When you use the automatic assignment of page titles to URLs, please keep one important fact in mind: Once you modify a page title, the corresponding URL does also change — that's especially crucial regarding to search engines. Therefore we recommend to assign an alias to your most important pages, e.g. those pages on the first level of your site's hierarchy.

Since every URL on the World Wide Web must be unique, also the aliases of a TYPO3 website must be unique. If a user assigns an existing alias to a page, TYPO3 automagically appends a consecutive number (starting at 0) to the alias name. Alias names are automatically converted to lowercase.

An alias can contain up to 20 characters. In one of our TYPO3 tutorials we show you how to enlarge the Alias field to up to 255 characters.

Where is the Alias field?

The Alias field can be found in the page properties. Here it is located on the so-called "second options palette", which is not visible by default. To show this palette, you need to check the "Show secondary options (palettes)" checkbox at the bottom of the page properites form.

In recent TYPO3 versions (eg. 4.5.2) the Alias field is located in the page properties, tab "Behaviour" and is called "URL Alias".

If you want to assign alias names for multiple pages at once, it is best to use the TYPO3 list view.

Alias field in TYPO3 page properties
Alias field in TYPO3 page properties

Recommendations for choosing aliases

  • Don't use special characters (like German umlauts)
  • Separate multiple words by hyphens
  • Include your important keywords in the alias name (good for search engine optimization)