File browser

Definition of the selection box that is used to embed files into TYPO3 content elements.

A file browser is a selection box that is part of some content element types in the TYPO3 backend. File browsers are used to select files from the file list or the "Media > File" module — if the DAM extension has been activated — and to embed those files into a content element. Usually, you can only select specific file types in the file browsers of the various content elements. For example, the content element "Text with Image" does only allow graphics files to be selected.

TYPO3 file browser with two selected images
TYPO3 file browser with two selected images

If one clicks on the small folder symbol on the right-hand side of the selection box, a popup window opens that contains the file list or the DAM media list with all the files that were uploaded previously. Those files can then be selected one by one (by clicking on the file name) or in a batch (by clicking on the black 'plus' symbol) to be transferred into the select box of the file browser.

Within a file browser, the selected files can be rearranged by clicking on the arrow symbols. Also, single or multiple files can be removed from the list by clicking on the 'X' button.