Definition of the TYPO3 Kickstarter, an extension to develop own extensions.

The Extension Kickstarter (Extension Key: kickstarter) is a TYPO3 extension which is used for creating your own extensions. It produces a framework that can be used as the basis for further programming.

The Kickstarter can be installed as usual in the Extension Manager of a TYPO3 system. After successful installation an additional option Create new extension appears in the drop down box, in which the entries "Loaded extensions" and "Import extensions" were already visible.

Extension Kickstarter options
Extension Kickstarter options

After the allocation of a unique Extension Key, further settings can be made, for example the name of the extension and the extension category (frontend plug-in, backend module, service etc) can be selected. The various languages of the extension as well as necessary database tables and static TypoScript code can be defined via the Kickstarter user interface.

When you have finally specified settings then the result (the generated data including content) can be viewed via the button View result and this is then subsequently added to the extension directory (e.g. /typo3conf/ext for local extensions).

The newly generated extension is installed as usual in the Extension Manager and once the cache has been deleted, it can be used immediately in the website. To test whether the extension works (with frontend plug-ins and backend modules) an exemplary piece of content is displayed.

If the output functions this far, then you can start to modify and extend the generated code with your own programming — preferably based upon the functions of the TYPO3-API.

In general the generated data can be re-read and edited again in the Kickstarter, for example if you want to change the definition of the database tables. When doing so, you should make sure that you pay particular attention to not overwrite previously modified data (above all PHP).