Definition for the TYPO3 extension TemplaVoila, a templating system for very flexible layouts.

TemplaVoila is a TYPO3 extension which enables a very flexible positioning of content elements within the overall layout of a website.

This template system is a comfortable alternative to the usual layout of contents via the columns "NORMAL", "RIGHT", "LEFT" and "BORDER" (and other definable columns). This makes it possible to read and show contents directly from these columns via TypoScript; this very rigid formula can lead to columns being misapplied to "simulate" certain layout requirements (for instance a two-column layout). Due to the fact that menu elements as well as simple text contents have to be processed via TypoScript, the volume of template records can get very large.

TemplaVoila takes a different approach: An unlimited number of fields are defined by the administrator, based upon a defined HTML template in which various elements (for example content elements from users or TypoScript output) can later be added. Via the so-called "Mapping" feature the administrator can define where the content of which field(s) should be added to the THML template.

The editor is only shown the fields that have been defined as "Content Element(s)" in the working area of the TYPO3 backend. In general this means that backend handling is much simpler and more intuitive.

One of the greatest advantages of TemplaVoila is the possibility of being able to define special types of content elements as so called Flexible Content Elements. More information about this here: Flexible Content Element (FCE).