Open pages in the same window

This TypoScript code snippet explains how you can remove the default target from links.

Suppose, you put an internal link into a TYPO3 content element by using an ID as the link target, e.g. <link 42>link to page 42</link>. Doing so, TYPO3 will generate an <a href> tag with the target attribute set to the default value "page". This will open the linked page in a new browser window - something you most likely want to avoid when opening an internal link. Besides, the default target 'page' will also be set when using some of the automatically generated lists of the TYPO3 content element "Menu/Sitemap".

Using the following two statements in the CONSTANTS section of a TypoScript root template, you can define a specific target or — as the example shows — remove the target attribute completely.

Remove target="page" from links TypoScript, CONSTANTS section
content.pageFrameObj =

Please make sure that these two statements are placed outside of any TypoScript block — e.g. content {...}.